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“When I entered crypto, Bitcoin was just $67. It wasn’t “cheap” for me at the time, I was a broke college student, but it was achievable with a bit of sacrifice.Mining was also still accessible for many. With the much higher prices and difficulty, it’s much harder for people without capital to get into crypto. They tend to fall for scams and schemes and MLM network marketing pyramids that put them worse off than they were before.

One of my 2018 goals was to create a resource for those without capital or access to an entry exchange to still enter crypto. This is important to me because crypto is meant to be decentralized.That means including those without capital, those who want to get into crypto but may not be old enough, and those living in jurisdictions with bans on crypto.

I’m happy to announce that this resource is here. I have written an ebook that goes over the legitimate ways to gain crypto without money. No scams, schemes, or MLM, and much more than just airdrops, this book is in line with Cryppick’s values. There are no referral links and I don’t get compensated for including any method/site in the ebook.” – Ash Roulston
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